Ami began dancing at the age of four. As her passion for dance grew she began to successfully compete in many festivals and competitions, local and nationally. She also gained high marks in many ISTD ballet, modern and tap examinations, as well as being given the opportunity to dance in the Her Majesty’s Theatre, London at the age of 16.


At the age of 18 Ami decided to pursue her passion for dance by training professionally for two years at The Hammond School, Chester. She trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, pas de duax, double work and Spanish dance and she also gained her advanced two in ISTD Modern Theatre Dance, as well as touring around the UK (including London) and Germany with the school’s dance company Taudevin. She then graduated in 2010 at the age of 20.


Whilst training, Ami took on her first professional role, dancing for a pantomime company in Carlisle in 2008, as well as a Holyoaks Leavers Party at the Albert Dock, Liverpool in 2010.


After graduating Ami decided to move her career into dance teaching and enrolled herself at the Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre (MDDC) in Liverpool to focus on becoming a teacher through the ISTD. Here she has gained her Certificates in Dance Instruction (DDI) and she is now coming up to completing her Certificate in Dance Education (DDE). She also gained her advanced one in ISTD Imperial Ballet and her intermediate in ISTD tap dance whilst she attended MDDC as a part-time student.


Whilst attending MDDC and up until present Ami has been teaching for a number of dance schools across North Wales and Chester, Coral Leigh Dance Acadamy being one of them. She has taught children from the age of 18 months right up to 20 in ballet, modern, jazz, tap and musical theatre, as well as choreographing dances for shows and festivals and entering children for ISTD modern and tap examinations.


Ami began teaching at Coral Leigh back in 2013 but left after a year to gain more experience in the teaching world. She has never really left, coming back to cover the odd class here and there, but Ami is excited to be welcomed back into the school this September to teach ballet full time!

Miss Ami

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